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finally had surgery today what do these presurgery numbers mean

apparently when the surgeon openned me up he found that the single 1.9cm hurthle cell nodule was only in the isthmus and nickel size and not portruding into right loeb as the sonogram indicated. He just removed only the isthmus and said that he got all of the nodule and sent me home same day. He found no other nodules.

The isthmus was sent to pathology to check further but all doctors and 2 fnbs favored a benign vs cancer since the hurthle cells had normal nuclei but again only surgical analysis was necessary to be 100%. What would cause a hurthle cell nodule with no underlying thyroid disease.

2)please make sense of presurgery numbers and thyrogolobin results as i dont understand the thyrogolobin results

thyrogolbulin 42.5 lab reference range < 55 is normal
anti thyrogolbulin <20 per lab 40 or less normal
anti tpo ab <10 per lab <35 is normal
tsh 1.84
free t4 1.25
t3 total 158
t4 uptake 10.7
t3 uptake 27.5
free t4 index 2.9
250 oh vitiman d 32.1
apparently free t3 was not taken.

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