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Re: Final got the Path report and it's not good!

My situation was somewhat similar. Dx in Oct 2002 with a PSA of 4.7 and Gleason 3+4,T1c.... did radical surgery...boy was I surprised at the path report...gleason upgraded to 4+4, microscopic spread into the seminal vesicles and 1 lymph node..stage T3N1M0 !!!
My Psa stayed undectatable for about 18 months then started rising....did 35 IMRT treatments along with 3 months of hormones...PSA went undectatable for another 18 months. I have watched it climb to 4.65 and then started full hormone blockade in June of 2009....PSA is now down to 0.06. It took 5 years from the finish of radiation till it reached 4.65. My case is challenging but I'm now out 7 years......I hope the hormones will buy another 6-10 years, then there are other potential treatments in the pipeline...point being, even with bad stats there is a good chance I can treat my cancer as a chronic disease and live out a normal life.... the worst part of all this is to control your mind and the fear that is there and enjoy life.So even if the worse does happen for you,try not to worry, there is so much that is being done these days. My quality of life has been very good except when my mind gets in the way.