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Re: My hymenotomy/hymenectomy experience


I hope that this information isn't coming to you too late. My recovery went very well. I was given Vicodin for the pain and never needed to use it. I was also given high dose Ibuprofin, which I did need, but it was adequate to control the pain and swelling.

I had swelling and some pain for at least two weeks. Despite this, I was back to work the day after surgery (I do have a "desk job," however). Urinating was delicate for at least 5 days. Of course, urine doesn't come out of the vagina but everything "down there" was pretty tender. Having a full bladder was also uncomfortable which I could never really fully understand. I suppose that any pressure on tissue that's been traumatized would be painful.

Some stitches sort of fell out within the first few days... most of the rest gradually dissolved over time. I still have one stitch that hasn't yet dissolved as of today. I don't have any pain or swelling at this point and haven't for at least a week or so. Additionally, I used the estrogen cream religiously during the 2 1/2 weeks after my surgery which helps prevent scarring and "things sticking together" which would nullify the purpose of the surgical procedure.

At any rate, in the case of a microperforate hymen, this procedure will be invaluable to your daughter despite the disruption it will cause with her sports. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to respond in a more timely fashion.