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Re: 1st day on Chantix

I've used it and I am now and started christmas morning. I quit smoking the first pill I took. It must of messaged my brain that I don't smoke. I have no urge or desire and the best part is no side effect. Now that I am feeling confident i can do this again I will. I do not use the pill correctly. This is my third time and I think I will use it the right way this time. I usually take the pills then quit after a week since I know the nicoteine is out of my system. When I do this, I quit smoking for about 3 months then something makes me return again(stress). Since it is a new year, I am going to focus on learning how to run 2&5 K and maybe my addiction will turn to exercise. Good Luck. The pill is amazing. I just am always cautious taking any pills for a long period of time.