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Cool Re: Sjogren's and Nose sores/lesions

Originally Posted by vibriotko View Post
Hello everyone. Can anyone who has been diagnosed with Sjogren's tell me if they have sores in the nose(nasal cavity) that we not heal? Also, does anyone have mucus that is yellow, green, or cream white that they expell on a frequent basis. Is anyone diagnosed with Sjogren's also have Crohn's disease?

Hi yes i have this, also have reumatoid arthritis, its very hard as you say, i get very conscious because sometimes my breath smells bad, because of this. So i makesure i always have strong mints on me, and also my nose gets very stingy sometimes and hard inside, its the immune system i know. I inject with embrel twice a week but after my nose always seems to be uncomfortable, this relates to sjogrens discease. Yes its hard i know but i try to plod on. Thanks.