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Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Hi everyone.
I'm new here and in the depths of despair.
I started having severe ankle problems on June 2007 and haven't worked since July 02 2007.
I was fianally diagnosed after much phaffing about 18 months ago and have now had surgery for Peroneal Tendonopathy And Tears to both ankles. The right was 24/01/2009 and the left 11/11/2009.
The surgery on the right ankle has been largely successful although I still suffer ankle instability and ocassional minor aching - I put this down to overuse as I'm recovering still from recent surgery to my left foot.
However, my left foot is horrendous. I'm still on crutches and having physio twice a week but the pain is sometimes so bad I just cry with it. I take my painkillers religiously and am desperate. My ankle has an acid-burning sensation constantly and aches so much I can hardly stand it. I feel this second op has made the problem worse and although I was made aware of this by my surgeon prior to surgery I went for it as anything seemed better than the pain I had prior to surgery and I was also hopeful as the first op was a relative success.
It's 1.42am here in the UK as I type and yet again the acid-like burning pain in my ankle is as bad as it was prior to my op.
I'm only 36 and I just don't know what to do. I can't work as I'm in retail management and am on my feet all day. I'd like to retrain for something new but am scared of starting something I can't finish. I just don't feel up to anything at the moment but also feel life is passing me by whilst I'm in constant recovery.
The reason I'm posting here though is to ask if there's anyone else in the same position as I am. Has anyone had surgery they may feel has been unsuccessful and what does it feel like for you?
My surgeon is fabulous but he's not very forthcoming with information and the only time I'm in the same room as him I'm having surgery and am unconcious so can't talk to him!
My GP is also fab but not very clued-up on my condition and I don't know where to turn.
I've had physio, MRI scans, Ultrasound Scans, Laser Treatment, Steroid Injections and as a last resort, surgery. I'm assured there's nothing else that can be done but I don't know how to deal with it.
Anyone else had surgery but still got the same pain as they had before?
Is anyone living with this condition long-term?
Thanks to anyone who can help!
Fluffy. xx

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