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Need help with eczema in 2yr old

My daughter is 2 1/2 and has had eczema since birth. When she was an infant, we were able to keep it under control with a soy formula and unscented lotions.

As of a few month ago, it has gotten out of control. Her face is so red from scratching at night - it looks like she got into a fight with a cat! Her little hands are so red and raw that it looks like she burned herself! Help!

I've tried aquaphor, vaseline (as recommended by pediatrican), eucerine cream, Aveeno bath oil (what a mess!), and cortizone. I even gone into her room at night and smear vaseline on the poor child.

Tonight after the bath (with DOVE unscented soap), I noticed that her legs are now scaly red patches! Errrr!!!!

I'm so frustrated. It pains me to see her in such discomfort. She's constantly scratching and now recites on her own "Don't scratch, just rub Mommy."

I recently switched her to soy milk this week in the hopes of some relief as I have heard this can help.

Does anyone out there have a miracle potion/lotion??? Thank you!!!!

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