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Re: shingles and spreading....

Hello and so sorry you have this....

I had shingles 6 years ago.....a severe case. most shingles follow one nerve and stay on that part of the body.

How long have you had them? where are they? are they just on one side of your body? left or right side? How old are you and have you ever had chickenpox? Taking a vit B complex supplement can help also......

I had them on both sides, in my hair, inside my ears and it was agonizing.

It has to run it's coarse. You can take Olive Leaf Extract capsules one 3 times a wonders. take that every day until they are gone. That is a natural anti viral. Works great for cold sores too. You can take Olive Leaf with any other medication too.

Shingles are common in people over 50 that have had chicken pox sometime in their life. I had them in my 40's. They can also mean you are under severe stress or have an underlying illness and your immune system is working overtime. In my case I fell into all of the above catagory.

Good luck and do let us know how you do.......Oleander