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Re: shingles and spreading....

I just went back and read your email. I see you are 24 and have had shingles 6 times.........

That is not common at all. Reccurances are rare especially at your age. Are you sure theses are Shingles?

If I were you I would go see an Immunologist/Allergist and get checked out.

It almost sounds like a Herpes Simplex problem. People do not realize they can get herpes on the body on regular skin. It does not have to be on lips or in the genital area. Herpes and Shingles can look like each other.

You can spread this by touching but is unlikely..... wash your hands alot during your outbreak and lightly wipe the area with alcohol or witch hazel immediately after touching by accident. Do not over clean because you wipe away your natural skin defenses.

Calamine lotion helped me also.... the itching drove me crazy....