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Re: shingles and spreading....


I had shingles this past summer, I won't go into how much it bothered me but I will tell you what my doctor told me. I was just in for the 3rd time following diagnosis and it had spread from my right ear to my forehead and nearly reached the edge of my nose. The doctor told me usually shingles does not cross the nose for the unaffected side of the face. And it didn't, so I assume he was right.

I was treated with a very strong anti biotic, cannot remember the name now sorry, also used calamine(a godsend). It took quite awhile for it to be gone. The sores were just painful, very painful. If I never get that back again I will be more then overjoyed.

I feel for you, it is a painful skin condition that no one needs or deserves. I hope you heal quickly. Let us know how it is going please.