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Re: Graves and Anti-thyroid meds

Hiya gg!!!

You sound the ideal candidate for this. I was really impressed with the results of the study. The whole thing makes so much sense too in the why it would work so well.
Congrats on the 2 1/2yrs. That's really awesome and shows what perseverance can accomplish.

I's still kickin'. Haven't had a hyper episode since february when we increased the cytomel to 25mcg. I'm down to only 25mg atenolol twice a day and things are pretty darned stable. Labs every 3mos now with the goal of keeping the TSH suppressed but measurable. Last labs were a tsh of 0.253 with the ft4 at 0.97 and the ft3 at 2.88. The gp's pleased as punch with it. I am too.

Next stop is to go under the knife to remove my remaining ovary and the lesion that's attached to it. It sorta showed up on the pet scan that I had in september that 3 radiologists didn't see in 3 different scans after I asked "what's that?". I'm still trying to figure out how they missed it other than just not even bothering to look but why should they care? They get paid per scan read, not per diagnosis. I see the gyn on tuesday to get that set up. I saw him before the holidays and then he looked over the scans and consulted with his radiologist, talked to my gp and told him to pass on the news since I was going to be seeing my gp first. I had a big battle with the insurance company over getting the referral cause my gyn is not in network so I ended up dropping out of my managed care plan so I could see him and not lose the cover of the catastrophic cap. I wasn't going to let anyone else touch me. He knows my thyroid quite well. He got to come in to consult when I was in thyroid storm many moons ago. He's also a really good doc and I trust him.

I ain't looking forward to this but I get to go first. Then we deal with the hubby's prostate cancer.

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