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Re: Just ordered a juicer online-Questions :-)

Dang I thought the juicer for some reason didn't affect the fiber content too much. I never drink fruit juices from the store and thought this might be a healthy alternative to add some more veggies (one's I'm not very fond of). I eat a mainly vegetarian based diet...TONS of fiber, so I know where you are coming from. I used to be very vigilant as I was a vegan for many years and transitioned to a more vegetarian (not as militant-lol) way of eating. I was really sick for 2 years and was immobile for quite awhile and it was AWFUL as I was very active before and kept a healthy weight (at one point underweight but that's a whole other story). For some reason (meds included) it's been very difficult for me to get back to where I once was (I would settle to close to it though).

I wonder if adding a fiber supplement to the drink might be good too but I already get a steady amount of fiber already). I know the "real thing" is better. I'm just trying to find healthy alternatives to kick start me with some energy and vitamins instead of say coffee which I get to shaky on if I have more than 2 cups.

I will check out that book, thanks!