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Re: Graves and Anti-thyroid meds

Well H everything sounds pretty good with you,crazy thing about the ovary,YOU were the one who spotted it??! Geez...hey the prostate c is pretty common it seems, know quite a few mwn who've undergone treatment for it and are doing well. It still sucks anyway...I feel pretty lucky though, got the worst news about my hubby's second cousin. She lost her Mom (my hubby's first cousin) the end of August, she didn't feel well, went to go lie down, his cousin checked on her twice, the third time she was unresponsive. She died in her home. I just got the news her husband dropped dead a few days again in the home also! Now this was a dream home they built and haven't been there a year yet. Sounds more like a nightmare to me. I feel SO bad, I was close to my hubby's cousin (her Mom) that passed. That was a shock but now this, he was only 53 and leaves 2 young sons.She's only 46 her Mom that died was 66. I mean to lose a Mom and husband in less than 4 months! Her sister's long time boyfriend dropped like this too 3 weeks after the Mom died, it's like they're cursed, I can't believe it..I hate to answer the phone if it's from that family now, don't want to hear anymore bad news. That's all I'm thinking about this weekend, so sad. It makes you count your blessings that's for sure and makes you wonder was her husband that told me about his sister in laws boyfriend dropping dead and now HE did too,that's 2 guys that were pall bearers at my hubby's cousin's funeral.Another one, who carried her casket, her grandson just became a father, isn't that so weird? If someone had told me this would have happened by the end of this year, i wouldn't have believed it!