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Re: Sjogren's and Nose sores/lesions

Hi, all . . . I have not officially been diagnosed with this but suspect (90% sure) from the symptoms that I have it, too.

My nose dries out just because of this.

What I have been doing is running a humidifier close to where I sit (and moving it to where I sleep at night). I also make sure I drink a lot of fluids (I always have a cup of a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage near me at home and a drink cup wherever I go outside of the house).

The best thing I have found is that after you blow your nose, put a very thin coating of Vaseline in the nostrils. I cannot believe how well this has worked for me with regard to not getting the crusty stuff in my nose or getting nose bleeds any more.

I will still occasionally blow a tiny spot of blood out but that will be it and it is only a couple of days a month.

To help heal sores, my pharmacist recommended twice a day to put Bacitracin ointment in until things start to heal up. Then put it in every night before you go to bed to prevent infection.

Best of luck to you all!