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Re: Graves and Anti-thyroid meds

I wish things were that good. Other than the thyroid, it's been a pretty wickedly bad year between the heart failure, the rabies, the bell's palsy, the pneumonia and whatever else that's kept me living in doctor's offices for over a year now. I even managed to catch the swine flu. So no, things really haven't been that good. Just been a bit busy.

Yeah, I'm the one who spotted it. Those pet scans are really cool to look at. It's so totally awesome at what they can see now. The tech burned me a copy and I had it up on my screen watching it spin and a spot caught my eye. It wasn't in the report. I showed it to my gp. He called the radiologist and the guy got all snippy with him and said he didn't need to look at it again so the gp sent me to have an u/s. It's big as life on that but all the report says is that the ovary isn't visible. Doesn't say anything else. Well yeah, it is kinda hidden behind the mass. So then it was off to the mri. That's the report that says I have a full bladder. Nothing else. I coulda told them I had to pee. It woulda helped if he'd taken a little peek behind the full bladder. The tech did a wonderful job capturing a really nice picture of it. I got fed up, reached in the pocketbook and sent the pet scan to a second opinion radiology place for another full reading and got a nice, full report back with all kinds of findings that were missed by the the other rad guys and also stating that there was increased uptake in that area but that the tumor hadn't spread into the pelvic side wall. The tumor? The invisible tumor actually came to life for a couple extra dollars? Well ok, I wasn't nuts afterall. My gp kept telling me I wasn't cause he could see it too but after 3mos of this crap, I was really starting to wonder. I'm just hoping that getting out of managed care is going to improve the quality and efficiency of my medical care. I'm so fed up with in-network specialists I could scream.

For a short period, I felt relief. So now that I'm over my desperation and I know it's not a figment of my imagination and that it's finally going to be taken out of there, the nervousness is setting in. It's like now I'm not really sure I wanna know what it is. I just want it to go away.