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Re: Tips to getting in shape

Good for you. I was around that age when I got into shape. I'm 21 now and very healthy...ocd health nut. You may end up like us of many who go from binge eating to binge dieting/exercising. Anyway..

Transition your carbs and get a fish oil In the morning have oatmeal and in the afternoon an oatmeal bar. Those are filled with fiber, protein, nutrients, and complex carbs. This helps the sugar cravings end, and your metabolism will have to work harder to burn them and make use of them. Your fish oil will also help stop the cravings for sugar and/or high fat foods, all while providing your body with its beneficiaries. Lowers cholesterol and makes use of your fats.

Count your calories This was how I lost my baby fat. I simply gave up what I craved and recorded all my caloric intakes. Journal. I promise you will love it and will provide you with hope and a sense of well-being.

Run,jog,lunge Once you start jogging, you'll begin running and before you know it, it will be a daily routine. And guess what? You feel tremendous afterwards and that feeling never goes away after any and every run. Lunges will help burn off those love handles and strengthen your core.

Those are pretty basic steps, and you can always go crazy with it and the outcome is that much better

P.S. Get your taste buds accustomed to Green tea, and enjoy it daily in the afternoon and/or morning. Green tea increases your metabolism than caffeine alone, as well as providing relaxation. Your weight will drop faster, guaranteed.

P.S.S. Do this for YOU, but remember the hard work you put into it and be proud.