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Post What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Hey everyone, I'm hoping I can get responses just for support, relating and gaining knowledge of our health. Post your diet and exercise program as briefly as possible, here and a brief self-examination of yourself. (Try and remember we're on health forums, so our different diets should be well-researched upon and not need harsh critiquing) I'm OCD so I just channel it differently.

Pycnogenol (maritime bark) 50mg 2x daily
Vectomega Fish Oil 1 daily
Elderberry Juice 1 daily
Evening Primrose Oil 2 daily
Quercetin 500mg 2x daily
Gotu Kola 475mg 2x daily
Bromelain 500 1x daily
Goldenseal 400mg 2x daily
Maitake Defense (Various mushroom extracts..Cordyceps, Chaga, Shitake) 2x daily
Colodial Silver 3x daily
Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg 1-4x daily
Schizandra 580mg 2x daily
B-Complex 1x daily
Royal Jelly 1x daily
CoQ10 1x daily
Iron 1x daily
Collagen protein 1x daily
Chlorella 15 tabs daily
Spirulina 6 tabs daily
Kelp 1 daily
NewZealand Glandular (for adrenal glands) 1 daily
Mag/Zinc/Calcium 3 tabs daily
Juice Plus 2x daily
Pre/pro-biotics 3xdaily
Digestive Enzymes 3x daily
Centrium Multivitamin 1x daily

Green tea at least once a day if not more
White Sage tea
Diet Dr.Pepper (Got to have it )
Protein bars
Grilled Chicken

{Never snacking}

Yoga 3-5x week
Neti Pot 1-2 daily (cleaning my sinus cavities)

Very fit, but not muscular. Toned, but flexible. 150lbs 5'11

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