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Hello everyone and hope you all had a lovely holiday.

Just about to finish my titration and have a few questions regarding my one and only side-affect ( touch wood ) and most effective ways of dealing with it.

I work nights so i inject Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 0700 after advice to sleep through whatever side-affects i may encounter, the problem is the only one i have experienced to date is Insomnia and am only getting 1to2 hours each day i inject followed by a full nights work.

Have my last 22 in the morning then up to full juice ( 44 ) Thursday, do you think there may be any changes in the way I have tolerated it so far or should it pretty much stay the same.

If nothing changes when I start the first few 44s would I be able do you think to change the Tuesday morning injecting to Monday nights as that is the longest gap therefore being awake during my insomnia which then I suppose wouldn’t be insomnia anymore, then proceed to take it Wednesday and Friday nights ( probably 2100 ) there after, so does anybody know if i can do that.

All suggestions and info welcome,


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