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Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

I'm anemic, so that is why I take I drink two cups of green tea a day for who knows how long. I've been on this regimen for 3 years now, some more or less, and I look and feel fantastic. Everyone that meets me thinks I'm 18 or 16. My skin and hair are verrry healthy. Every supplement is scheduled in their appropriate spots.

I eat an array of fresh fruit, and eat spirulina, chlorella, spinach, kelp, and other phytonutrients. They're fresh powdered supplements. I work at a natural health market and loove learning about all the different foods. I feel my health is quite amazing.

My oatmeal bars have 40% of intake, and the rest in my protein bars has 40%. I take digestive enzymes bromelain and capsuled (protase,amylase,maltase, cellulase..ect) and pre/probiotics. I have 3-4 bowel movements a day and they're all clean.

My carbs come from the sugar in my fruit intake, but mainly my oatmeal bars. I'm never sick and I'm workin it. And yeah I'm male, 21.

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