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Any suggestions?

Okay so I made the decision this last sunday to buy a dog and yes my husband and kids were there and helped kind of choose the dog but in the end It was my choice. I know this seems silly but .... that day I was fine untill I laid down to sleep then I was so stresssed out I couldn't sleep and I felt so very sick, for a while I even felt like I was having a panic attack. My husband simply told me we did it and that we couldn't return the dog and that was that so it would be fine. the dog is a purebread and in all and my husband spent the 1500 dollars because I had said I wanted the puppy. the amount bugs me a little only because I can't return the dog and I am worried I either can't take care of the dog with the rest of the stuff i have going on in my life with going back to school and my 2 small children. I feel like a complete idiot b/c I should have left the dog there and come home to think about it first then I may or may not have bought the dog but then at least it wouldn't have been just an hes so cute and goodd tempered lets get him buy. I need help chilling out so I can sleep I have struggled getting any more the 2 hours sleep a day since sunday jst be cause I can't shut off my worries. please if you have any words share them with me, I would really appreciate it.

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