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Talking Re: Any suggestions?

Good morning, I saw your post and I understand how you feel. Many times in my life I have made a quick decision about something and had second thoughts afterwards. It is hard but I believe you will get through it OK What kind of dog or puppy did you get, is it a boy or girl and have you named the fluffy baby yet? Go to a good pet store and get a book about the breed that you got. It will give you a lot of valuable info on the correct care and also give you tips on the temperament of that particular breed. If you are going to be out of the home get a nice crate or isolate the puppy in a safe room. Once you get used to it, you and your children will have a good time with your new addition. 8 years ago I took in a puppy from someone who could not take care of it, and like you I had second thoughts the first few days I had her. She is a spaniel and now could not imagine not having her around. She is so much fun and when my husband is away she is great company. You will be surprised how you will grow to love a dog. I know I was. Take care, breathe deep and relax. Feel free to post to me anytime and I will write back. Blessings to you and your family, Kase