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Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Originally Posted by tjlhb View Post
What is each supplement for?

I have never before known or even heard of anyone who takes anywhere near that many supplements. Considering that there are healthy people who do not that anywhere near that many supplements, it seems odd to think that one would need to take them.
I know it may appear to seem like a lot, but when you research each one and its synergetic effects in different combinations its fascinating what these herbs/wholefood supplements/enzymes synergetically have on our health.

Quercetin combined with coq10 stimulates part of the endocrine glands and helps eliminate excess fluids and mucus. While Quercetine alone acts an anti inflammatory, antihistamine, and protects the prostate and urinary flow. Maritime bark (pycnogenol) alleviates allergies and inflammation. It also comes with its own array of potent antioxidents, that work well with other maitake mushrooms. These help produce t cell regeneration, which produces more white blood cells to work with our immune system. While chlorella helps build red blood cells and eliminate tumor and cancerous growths.

There's a multitude of health benefits burrowing deep within our immune system out there that is being researched upon. Research shows that we are already carrying diseases and cancers that haven't been genetically expressed yet. Why not research for the prevention? Well science does. And in many cultures, where life expectancy is much higher, they have alternative forms of prevention that are clinically proven to work with our body.

Enzyme supplementing for immune deprived peoples is important so our organs don't have to produce so many enzymes just to digest food, when it could be using those enzymes to heal wounds and regenerate healthy tissue.

All my food supplements have been backed up by clinical trial after trial and most of my herbs are used by the Chinese as well as European physicians.

The goal is to boost my immune system and achieve healthy longevity as long as sourcefully possible. Isn't that what everyone wants? It's just a crazy obsessive lifestyle I live and fight daily for...thats all

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