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Re: sinusitis with facial numbness

Originally Posted by bonnielu View Post
I have sinusitis and have developed numbness and some swelling on the left side of my face that has the same sensation of the face after a shot of novocaine of dental procedure. It also feels like an allergic reaction with some swelling of lips.
I have sesation in the first little finger and the one next it which then translates its lates it self my arch and bottom of my feet with shoes and even when I just wear soks around the house. I use use waits but now I am luky to left 10# and it never gets any better with all the P.T. therapy I get. But I know every one there, and sems to have a calming effect after the first half hour through. It take longer proces what thant me to do. Embarresing. I stayin car when g placs and won't look at people that go by.