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Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D


Good for you and happy to hear you have a healthy program that suits you as well. Health is very tricky like you mentioned, that's why I've been researching so long on the food supplements I take in combination with my medication. I looove plant foods and enjoy many vegetables, I eat alot. I'm interested in learning about your health methods so I;ll have to look into those. I don't eat red meats/pork, so I too take PABA and B-complex combination.

I keep a health journal and make different planned out days for taking my meds,supps, and exercises. For instance, when I'm going out I take combo CoQ10 + Quercetin + Schizandra root + Bromelain = A very good sense of well-being, alertness, mental acuity and sinus/allergy/immune protection. Feels great.

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