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Re: Does it really matter what is wrong?

Just like you said, in Western medicine, the diagnosis drives being assigned a disease (disease naming ceremony) which then attaches a diagnosis code ....and that code triggers as you've said here a series of courses of treatment which may or may not do anything at all, or a hung face and ahem I'm sorry nothing we can do.....Personally, I had such a hard time actually defining what symptoms I had, defining them in a way that matched the doctor's diagnosis methods that it took more than 8 years to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 5 years later, my docs still aren't really sure I have normal MS because it differs so much from the current now they diagnose new diseases on top or as possible to the point that many docs find me too complicated to treat or they lose the focus of important things to me such as keeping me alive and as comfortable as possible with medicines that do as little harm as possible in the progress.

Over the years and after many years of being classified as a hypochrondriac, I finally realized that it was my style of talking, my mannerisms, and the way I presented my symptoms that was causing poor treatment from doctors, not getting a good treatment plan that addressed my symptoms and needs or getting the ultimate; legitimizing what you have into a name that generates SS benefits perhaps or services from a disease support organization and so on....

I'm rambling...What do you all think? What has your experience been?