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Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Here's one of my daily regimens that works very well:

Wake Adderall 30mgXR Kelp, Whey Protein w/ blueberry
smoothie, Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics (1) mag/zinc/cal, (1)
L-Phenylaline, Royal Jelly, (2)Complete Cardio
(B6,B12,Hawthorn,l-Carnitine, Ginger, COQ10, Policosanol),
Netti Pot for sinuses, Nasal Silver Spray

(Body is alkalized, charged, and ready for the day)

1hr Allergy enzymes, (1)Acetyl-Carnitine, (1) Evening Primrose Oil,
(1) Quercetine, (6) Chlorella algae

1hr (3)Spirulina, (1) Maitake Defense
Raw Kombucha, (1)New Zealand Glandular(addrenal health),
Collagen Protein, (1) Pycnogenol, Symbrax,

2hrs (2) Schizandra, (1) Gotu Kola, Whey Protein meal, Digestive
Enzymes and Pre/pro-biotics, Banana,
(1) Fish Oil, (6) Chorella algae (1) Acetyl l-Carnitine, Multi,
(1) Bromelain

(Body and adrenals begin cleansing, and revitalizing, and feelings of
well-being begin to settle in. Skin has a natural glow to it)

2hrs Adderall 30XR, Iron, (1)mag/zinc/calc

1hr Collagen Protein, (1) Pycnogenol, (1) Primrose Oil, (1)

1hr Allergy Enzyme therapy

1hr Maitake Defense, Green Tea

1 hr (3) Spirulina, (1) Quercetine, (1) CoQ10, (2) Posta-Strong,
(1) mag/zinc/calc, Elderberry Juice, (1) Gotu Kola,
(2) schizandra, (1) Goldenseal, Meal, Digestive Enzymes w/

(Neurotransmitters and adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, spleen, and colon, begin replenishing and a strong sense of humbleness and well-being are settled in) I feel fantastic and very youthful, I have a yoga ball I just sit and bounce on

1-2 Symbrax

**This is one of many of my health diet planned out days. I keep a journal and love planning out health days, along with my yoga and exercise.