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Re: Asperger Child and College Anyone?

Thanks Jutebox,
Your response certainly helps. Nancy is doing better than any of us ever expected. She lives in the dorm and enjoys college life. She is majoring in technical theater. She realizes that she needs to be behind the scenes. Nancy is very creative and love crafts. Right now her main interest is costume construction. We were blessed when my mother in-law taught Nancy how to sew as a child. When Nancy was in high school she and I made costumes for her high school drama department.
Nancy really wanted a roommate, but that didn't work out. She lives in a medical single. This is a small price to pay for her success. Actually many of her friends wish they had a single.
The biggest issue we have is that it looks like it's going to take her 5 years to graduate. I don't see it as a major hurdle, but my husband is flipping out over this. I keep reminding him that many folks with Aspergers don't go to college. I think we have to let Nancy take the amount of credits she's comfy taking. Honestly, I think 5 years is not that big a deal. She's been successful with about 12 credits a semester. I say, You go Nancy.
Thanks again for your input and thanks to you all for letting me vent.