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Re: High tolerance to Pain meds. HELP PLEASE!!!

I with Executor here. I'm 6'5" and currently weigh 235 lbs, I'm 59, I take 80mg of oxy three times a day and am allowed another 3 percocet 10/325 for BT pain daily. Most days I take the 3 percocets. I just glad that my pain is finally under control! I had been in pain for almost 12 years before that and was in PM for 2 until the doctor (#2) finally got the pain in control. Yes it does suck that I have to take these pills, yes the constipation also sucks, but it's better than the pain. I was actually relieved to hear Executor say that most people take 150-200 mg of oxy a day, because I had thought that I was on a huge dose due to my size, and size does matter, the bigger you are the more it takes.