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Re: "Messed Up" doesn't even describe it

Thanks for the reply. And FYI I only take out my anger physically at inanimate objects, I know that is sort of a gateway, but it just wells up inside me and I need a form of release. I just recently learned that those afflicted with social anxiety also have anger issues.

About medication, I agree it should be the last resort, or close to it. But I feel at 24 close to being 25, that I might need to consider it again soon. I've been on a wide variety of meds, and none of them have really helped. At the same time, I'm not sure what other solutions lay beyond them.

I'm attending college for the first time tomorrow (only two classes), and I feel this intense trepidation. What will others think of me? Will I somehow act like a fool? These are the kinds of questions going through my head right now.

Anyway, I appreciate the reply, I want to write more but I probably should get some sleep.

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