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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?


I am sorry no one has replied to you yet. I was waiting to see if someone would respond who had the same issue/surgery as you, but it looks like you aren't having any luck.

I have had several foot/ankle surgeries over the past 9 years - after I fell on the ice and broke my right ankle. I developed post traumatic arthritis in it, had several arthroscopic debridements, an ankle fusion, osteomyelitis debridement, bunionectomy and a subtalar fusion. I can honestly say that going into approximately 7 of those surgeries and several treatments I have believed I was going to come through on the other side healed and I would not have to have anything else done. However, as you can see - that is not the way they turned out.

I understand the frustration and hopelessness that sets in. As a matter of fact, I am dealing with it myself right now. I just had a corisone injection a few months ago and it looks like I already have to have another one. Also, I am beginning to think there may be something bigger going on in my foot (perhaps the peroneal tendons).

What does your foot doctor say about the pain? Is it possible that you are just not through the healing process yet?

Keep posting!