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Hi Mira, i don't know if you remember me,but you asked for an up-date on my son early last year[3months admission in hospital regarding challenging behavior].Well he has completed his 3mnths assesment in hospital.

He started in mid-october and will be back this week*thank goodness*certain staff were maltreating him[i'll give details another time its just so up-setting]

To cut a long story short,its back to square one,as the issues appear un-treatable.The initial aim to reduce his daily 3.5mg intake of risperdal[for a ten yr old thats a very high dose], was disastruous, he was constantly on edge.Once the dosage went down to 2mg, things got so bad, so it went back up & is back to his regular usage.Fluoxitine was also started at 10mg up to 20mg, but had little impact so thats been stopped.He was constantly placed in the 'safe place'.Its been recommended for use in the home too.

I know it won't be easy but after what i've witnessed at the chilld & adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit-i'd rather have my child at home than at a residential unit.I must add that although most of the staff were okey,the odd i,2 & 3 that weren't were one two many.

Ps. i will finish up this subject another time, and i am excited to be having my child home again

Edit: he was also regularly given Lorazepam[for the last two weeks he's had it daily(1mg) on average twice or thrice daily[apparrently it can be given up to 4 times in 24hrs.But we've been warned it isn't a safe drug for regular usage.And my locum child psychiatrist has indicated it can only be prescribed in a hopital or residential unit.I guess it depends on the country or which part of a country because i've been reading about parents who are prescribed Lorazepam[a sedative] for use in the home for their kids,especially the USA

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