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Re: Need help with eczema in 2yr old

Thank you so much for the replies. Allergies did cross my mind. I did read that people with eczema usually have an allergy to food. I'm going to make an appointment with her pediatrian about testing. However, she's had this since birth, so wouldn't that eliminate a food allergy? I mean she only drank formula for the first 7 months and still had eczema, just not as severe. Although maybe something in food brought it out worse?
Kittyroo, it's interesting that you mentioned gluten intolerance. It really does seem like there is a link here. I was actually tested for this (celiacs) last June because my own guts were such a mess (yeah TMI, sorry). All my tests came back negative, including food allergies. I went from 170 lbs to 133lbs in the span of 4 months. It still makes me wonder though considering my own little girl is so sensitive.
I appreciate all of your replies very much. It is definitely something I plan on exploring further. Thanks again!!!