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Re: Peroneal surgery failed - help?

Hi lovely people who answered my post!
I appreciate your responses.

Hi Step - Surgery was my final option. When I first felt the pain in my right ankle in 2007 and visited my family doctor he sent me for physio. The initial thought was that I was having trouble with an old break as I broke my 5th metatarsal bone in 1999 and occasionally feel some pain in cold weather etc. As peroneal tendons sit in the same area as the 5th metatarsal bone it was an assumption but misdiagnosis!
My physio was concerned as the pain was so bad by the time I got to see her (4 weeks after my doctor referred me) that she referred me to a consultant at Derriford Hospital here in the UK who has a special interest in achilles region problems which was the next suspicion. I had a new form of treatment involving a laser pen which was the biggest waste of time ever as it wasn't my achilles tendon. I then got sent for an MRI scan - which sadly doesn't show up tendon problems very well so I was sent for an ultrasound scan and had a course of steroid injections - MY GOD DON'T THEY HURT!!! When this failed I was referred to a surgeon who warned me that he could do the op but it was my final option and I should think hard before going ahead as peroneal ops are only around 40% successful at best and in some cases can make the problem worse.
Out of options and the pain becoming worse by the day - I can only liken it to how it must feel for someone to inject acid into my ankle joints and then kick me in the heelbone constantly - I went for surgery. I could hardly walk and I knew if I didn't have the op I'd always wonder if maybe it might have helped - it certainly wasn't going to get better on it's own and I was told it'd almost definately get worse.
My right foot has healed quite well though it's not perfect. I don't ever expect it to be as good as it was before I had the condition though and it's good enough for me. As I was recovering though, my left foot started to develop the same problem and I knew I'd have to have the same op again. It just hasn't worked as well and I'm frustrated like you and so many other users here are.

I'm having a 12 week review next month so I'll talk to my surgeon then but I suspect he'll say I was warned and I couldn't expect the same result for the left foot as I got with the right. I didn't. I hoped for the best and I accept that what will be, will be.
I'm just not sure where to go from here. I can deal with anything if I'm honest, I just wish someone had a crystal ball so they could tell me exactly what I'm dealing with so I can make a decision about what I'm going to do to adapt and then I can start to get on with it!
I know it's not the end of the world but knowing there's nothing else that can be done and the best I can hope for is more surgery can be a bit of a downer. I don't like to feel sorry for myself and am generally a positive person but this is wearing me down a bit. I feel if I raise my concernes with my physio she says I need to take things one day at a time.
That's all very well but I can't do that forever! I need a cut off point where someone will say that this is as good as it gets and offers a hand at what I need to do next to get my life back on track. I'm so frustrated!!!!!!!

Sorry to complain. I just don't know what to do for the best. Hope someone magics some decent answers (Fat chance. The docs here in the UK seem to avoid direct answers as though I'll sue for millions if they aren't spot-on with what they say!) or give myself a kick and say enough is enough and get on with it myself?

Thanks for your comments Step. I appreciate your trouble. x

Thefrosh - Hello again! I've just been over to your thread for a chat.
Thanks for the advice on ice treatment but cold is torture for my tendon problems. Hot water bottle for me every time. I like the sound of a menthol thing though and will have a look around the pharmacy when I hop (literally!) into town tomorrow, I'll ask my doctor too when I next see him. I'm open to all suggestions and advice.
Much appreciated.

Fluffy. x

Oooh, speaking of the cold - does anyone know if anyone has invented a handy gadget to gte rid of snow forever yet? No snow in the South West of England for almost 25 years and as soon as I get trouble with the cold / my tootsies, there's 8 inches of the bloody stuff outside my door. Sooooooo wrong and very unfair! Heehee!