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Re: Sjogren's and Nose sores/lesions

Originally Posted by vibriotko View Post
Hello everyone. Can anyone who has been diagnosed with Sjogren's tell me if they have sores in the nose(nasal cavity) that we not heal? Also, does anyone have mucus that is yellow, green, or cream white that they expell on a frequent basis. Is anyone diagnosed with Sjogren's also have Crohn's disease?

Hi there:
I get sores in my nose all the time. I get cracks that bleed right at the edges of my nostrils, plus I get nose bleeds from dry sinuses. It's all due to dryness. I use Vaseline and Bag Balm (it is like Vaseline) to lubricate and this helps. I also get cracked skin at my fingertips and on the soles of my feet. Sjogren's dries out all the glands that produce fluid--including skin. Lubricating with lotions is essential, as is keeping well hydrated. My nose constantly drips--I keep the Kleenex people in business! As for Crohn's, this is thought to also be an auto-immune disease (although there is no consensus on that) and one auto-immune disease frequently seems to cause progression to others. This is likely due to the immune system continuing to malfunction. (Rogue antibodies find new ways to attack one's body.) So, there may well be a connection.
I hope this helps. Take good and best wishes.