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Re: My experience with Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS) for my Chronic Anal Fiss

thank you for posting.

i suffered for over 2 years with "superficial cuts" in my rectum caused during childbirth.

i tried all the conservative at home methods first. did my research and got a referral to the best colon and rectal surgeon in my area.

he too told me to try metamucil and stool softeners for a few weeks because he thought my condition was acute and that i should be able to heal myself.

but things didn't heal, so i called him back up and he scheduled me for LIS surgery.

i had iv sedation. i was not conscious for any of the surgery. i believe my surgery only took maybe 10 minutes. then i was in recovery for maybe 30 to 40 minutes after that and was able to go home.

i felt sore right after the surgery. i really should have asked for some pain medication before i left the hospital because i had an hour drive home. i really regret not asking for any because my whole right home was hell. i was in a lot of pain.

i was prescribed vicodin, but that makes me sick, so he prescribed me darvocet. which worked like a miracle. i knew ahead of time that pain killers could constipate, so i continued to drink a lot of water, take metamucil two times a day, and take a stool softener and a tablet of magnesium at night.

my first b.m. went wonderfully. no pain what so ever.

it has now been a little over 2 weeks since my surgery. i didn't have to take any pain medication after day 5 or so of my surgery. my b.m.s are still pain free. i have not experience any incontinence what so ever.

i too never dealt with as severe of pain as some people on here talk about dealing with pre-surgery, but i can tell you i wish i would not have waited so long to get the surgery done.

i am so glad i got the surgery and am looking forward to living a normal life again

please don't be afraid of getting the surgery done. i also agree that you need to make sure you go to a colon and rectal surgeon for the surgery. my doc said he does around 200 LIS surgeries a year and has been practicing for over 35 years and he's even written an article on LIS surgery for fissures. he said back in the 90's when he wrote the article the surgery had a success rate in the 92-94 percentile and now it has a 100% success rate

it also helps that i saw several reviews on this same doctor on a website of other people who had fissures that went to him and he healed them

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