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Re: Glioblastom stage 4

Thank you soo much for those kind words as they bought me so many tears hearing your situation. It does make you a stonger person and understand what life really is, apart from what society makes it to be. I am only 28 and not been marrired yet. I have two older sisters one in Houston and the other about a hour away from me in North Jersey. I see my mom everyday and speak with her even though she does not respond. My mom and dad lived with me so now Im alone in this empty house just filled with memories of them. I just wish my mom could have enough time to get better and have her wish come true to see me married and with a family. Thats all she talked about even when she first got diagnosed and was able to speak and had most of her memory right after surgery.

The doctors in hackensack hospital basically told us that they really reached the end and cant do much for my mom anymore. She finished all her radiation treatment and for chemo her platelet levels were too low to continue. She is currenly in a nursing home and doctors were talking about hospisis. I still have hope for her and its only been about 5 months since she was diagnosed. I am thinking about getting a second opinion from Sloan kettering but just trying to gather the funds of taking her there.

Also to add to the roller coaster ride I have applied for medicaid since she is only 53 and its been nothing but a nightmare dealing with the cruel people at medicaid. They are currenly trying to take my house away from me. Because she needs long term care like the nursing home she is at and it costs between 15000 to 20000 a month. I just hired a lawyer today that was fairly reasonable to take the case.

All I can say is prayers do go a long way and I will surely pray for your family and yourself to heal and make your pain go away. Please do keep and touch I'm Al I didnt get your name.

Like you said you have wonderfull caring compassionate kids and they will make you proud every step of the way. God Bless you and speak with you soon