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Re: positive for hpv

Hi Becky, it sounds like you've been through a lot. Congrats on surviving breast cancer twice!

When it comes to being HPV positive, it means you have an active HPV infection. I assume your next step is either watch and retest (especially if you are under 30) or to send you for a colposcopy. If you are over 30, especially if you are over 40, then I suggest you press your doctor to go ahead and proceed with the colpo. If you are over 30, have positive high risk HPV, and have a colpo, then I recommend you press your doctor to also do an ECC while he/she is doing the colpo. That will scrape the cervical canal to sample those cells.

If the HPV is causing dysplasia, it could be in the cervix (outer cervix or cervical canal), vagina, vulva, possibly in the uterus (what tissue you have left), or a few other sites. Those are the most common locations, though.

I hope that helps.