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Re: Help with a friend who cuts

To be truthful no.
Just keep doing what your doing. Most important thing is to try and remain as non-judgemental as you can.

I think have you have more influence over her than you may think because she reached out to you, she clearly has a very high trust for you and friendship. But maybe its a case of being harsher now. Where you say we are going to the doctor and i will come in with you if you like. Her first answer will be to refuses. Try giving her a choice she goes with you and see some1 and if she doesn't want to do it again then you wont maker her or that your going home. ( But don't go home just go down stairs and make a drink/watch some tv) Said this because your being harsher but she knows you haven't left her and that your still there for her.

A reason for not wanting to go to a doctor is because they do judge and you can hear it in there voices normally. Not saying all do but most do when it comes to something like this, and also being embarrassed that she cuts and is depressed.