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Re: positive for hpv

Becky, if you have been in a long term monogamous relationship (or celebate), then I'd push for further testing sooner than later.

When I was diagnosed with high risk HPV I was in a 15 year monogamous (both of us) relationship and had never had a bad pap in the 25 years I've been having paps. Because I pushed for it, my doctor went ahead and referred me to an ob/gyn (instead of waiting 3 months to retest). The ob/gyn did a colpo. My outer cervix was fine (no biopsy) so she decided to do an ECC (endocervical curettage) which found precancerous cells (adenocarcinoma in situ and atypical glandular epithelial lesions).

I thank God that my GP asked me if I wanted the HPV/dna test and that the ob/gyn did the ECC.

So, I strongly encourage you to push for the colposcopy, especially if you are in a long term monogamous relationship. Let me know what the doctor's office says!