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Question TSH increased

Hello dear parents!

I'm from Germany. My son ( 7 years) has a Down syndrome. His blood results recently showed that his TSH is 6,3, which is too high- normal would be less then 5. Other thyroid hormons are normal. The doc said to me, my son don't need any medication, because children with DS in many cases have increased TSH level without having hypothyreodism. I can't find my peace with this answer, because myself have a Hashimoto and I also had increased TSH level for few years, ( which was ignored by the doctors) before the real hypothyreodism started. And my son has few of the typical symptoms- he is growing slowly, he has very dry skin, he is very sensitive to cold temperatures and he is very tired in the morning and also in the evening. I'm afraid about his mental development, because he is such a clever and activ boy and I don't want that he miss something due to the thyroid disfunction.
Do you know this problem? Do your endocrinologists also have the opinion, that children with DS don't need medication if they have increased TSH level? I know that "normal" children" would get the meds immediately.
So, why not my child? Because he is already mentally retarded??
Sorry, I'm quite emotional, but I'm worried about my son, specially because I have Hashimoto, which wasn't diagnosed for years, so I have a hard way behind me and I want to spare it to my boy.
Our doc is a specialist and a pediatric endocrinologist, but he wasn't really helpful for us, so now I would like to hear your opinion.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

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