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Re: Just need a little support...

Thanks Tina and others, I will rest up and hope for a nice day. I can totally understand what it is like to feel let down even though I now feel like it is partly my own fault that I am not proactive with the family and friends. Most of my older friends I have to avoid anyway. They still drink heavily or are into the pot. As I am now clean nearly 8 years I have to stay away.
And family well we all know what that can be like. I have a close tie with my younger brother and my younger sisters two children who are now adults and have always been close to me as a bit of a father figure. I am so happy to have them and my parents who I can talk to about anything. Not like my older half sister who is good too me at times but is very judgemental of everyone but look out if you upset her.
I just got blasted from her because her partner cooked dinner and it was a big deal because she usually cooks and because he is on holidays he cooked up this feed of spaghetti and meat balls but he used beef and pork mince with herbs. This is not one of my favourite meats and I left some and when asked how wonderful it was I just said that I liked it but prefer not to have pork and herbs in the meat.
OOOPSSS!!! She blew up and said I can cook my own in future. So now she has upset me and I have had to go outside for a while. I don't know why people have to raise their voice at me I have trouble keeping the tears back at the best of times. So I have to hide them from her. I am not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing that. My trouble is I am honest about others but I do get upset easily myself when criticised, it seems to just put me over the edge and I get teary. Oh well I should have just said it was wonderful and not brushed anyone the wrong way. The problem is that I am on the edge of emotion always because of the pain, but others do not understand.
Tina, I really hope your husband comes to realise how this disease makes you emotional, otherwise you will end up hiding your feelings from him and that is a shamed. In a marriage you need to stay on the same side and be supportive to each other. I wish you all the best.

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