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Happy Birthday To You!

This subject matter did hurt my heart. For me coming to terms with chronic pain is hard. Then to deal with the life changing results such as people avoiding you can be heart breaking. I think that if people are avoiding you (due to your chronic pain) it is because the other person does not feel comfortable with the situation. The advice about reaching out to your friends and talking to them about movies, tv shows, and light topics is fantastic! Chronic pain is can be very difficult for a marriage. For me it is hard to share my feelings about chronic pain because I am very sensitive about it. For example, when all I can do is lay in bed I will get very sad. I can begin to feel as if I do not deserve and am not worthy. Then I can start watching a television series and get to a place where I'm not happy but I'm not in a dark place either. Then if someone (like my husband) says "all you have to do is lay in bed all day" I feel horrible. Then I can't speak because I do not even know how to explain how horrible I feel and laying in bed should be looked at as my torture.

My point is: It is hard! Everyone having a Birthday, Happy Birthday! My Birthday is this Saturday. No, I do not have any exciting plans. I will not have any friends or family giving me a Birthday Party.

I do wish everyone on this board healing and happiness.