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Can this be a Reaction too?

Hi All, I have sjogrens that has gone into autoimmune hepatitis (cirrhosis). They tried plaquenil and imuran and I could not tolerate either one.

Recently, I was put on Cellcept and it was just great. I felt wonderful......noticed in the beginning a little dizziness but after the last 2 years that was nothing. Then I noticed my left ear aching and fullness with a roaring noise. Thought maybe an infection but I was going back to work and putting up my Christmas tree, no time for it. I just felt good finally.

I was planning on just moving forward again. Seen my new immunologist, couldn't hear what he was saying because my ear was so bad on Jan. 7, told him I had meniere's back in 2001 and he said maybe it was back. Nothing to do with Cellcept. Well now my right ear is starting.

Got on line today, called my pharmacist (yes it can cause ear problems) immunologist says stay on the medicine, Cellcept is not the problem go see my pcp......well one other thing when I seen him my numbers had not improved and my liver numbers had gone down. Not good. But I feel good.....except I am losing my hearing and I have a roaring sound in one starting in the other ear......anyone have this happen? I don't want to lose my hearing any more than I have already. What to do?

Advice or this noise in my ear is making me lose my mind.

Gcb in pgh

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