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pain in shoulder, elbows, wrists- could it be my spine?

Hi and thank you all for all your interesting and helpfull postings! I am a 36 yr old stay at home mom, and have been having a persistant recurring pain in my limbs for about 4-5 years. It seems the worst in the elbows, and wrists, and makes things like hollding a phone up to my ear, and twisting off any kind of bottle cap very painfull. Sometimes i get a burning sensation all through my hands, but they are not hot to the touch. My shoulder joints hurt too, but the elbow/wrist/hands seem connected all the time. Could this be due to a bulging disc, or DDD in the C or L spine? My doc. is not very interested in helping me. A few years ago I had a pelvic x-ray (due to pain from a previous ankle break- i threw out my hip joints walking with that heavy boot for 8 weeks) and she quite non-challantly(sp?) told me i had DJD, or DDD(can't remember) in my sacral spine- which means "nothing" she said except a little arthritis, which is "normal " for my age (i was an ancient 32 at the time...) so- if i have it there, maybe i have it elsewhere? And is the 30's really the average- normal age to be getting these arthritic conditions in my back? I have no back injuries to speak of , except a good hard bruise to my tailbone when i was 18 from a slip and fall- maybe that explains the arthritis there now, i guess- Idk, I am just learning about all of this because I can no longer stand the constant pain and need to make a change right away. So i would love to hear any feedback from others who have experience with this type of pain. Thanks in advance!

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