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Re: How was your cancer diagnosed?

Originally Posted by kelc1963 View Post
My mom was a 3-pack a day smoker for 30 years. She quit smoking about 7 years ago, because she was diagnosed with "a little emphysema." She's been through a score of antibiotics, bronchitis and pneumonia diagnoses through the years and have had several xrays. She also coughs all the time...when she laughs or breathes even slightly more deep than usual.

Two weeks ago, she went to the ER because her doctor's office thought she may be having a heart attack ...pain in her back and under her breastbone. Her heart was fine, but they took an xray of her lungs and the doctor said he saw a "cancer spot." From there she went to her Pulmonoligist. He ordered another xray and CT scan. Once he saw the results, he immediately ordered a full-body PET scan. Mom said he never said a word about the results on the xray and CT scan or why he order the PET scan. However, he did say they won't do a biopsy and will take it (the spot) out. The PET scan was late Tuesday afternoon. I'm very worried.

Do you think the doctor already knows it's cancer, but wants to see if it's spread before telling my mom? Her situation is even more difficult, because she's also in 3rd stage kidney disease, struggles with cellulitis in her legs and has bipolar disorder and OCD. All this and she's only 68.

Is a full-body PET scan typically ordered? Or, is this only ordered if the CT scan confirms cancer?
Hi my husband was diagnosed almost the same way, with a history of heart diease he thought it was that, and went sent for a CT scan of the heart, it was discovered that he has a huge mass in his lung, then the biopsy, the the pet scan and CT of the head. He has stage 4 kung cancer with metasis to spine, oelvis, thigh, and ribs and is spreading. The stopped all treatment yesterday and he is on hospice. He was 1st diagnosed in Nov 2009