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Re: c5, c6 problems and shoulder and bicep pain

Hi Estella

I too have been having some similar symptoms to those you describe but have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), probably set off by my ACDF surgery last February. The pain is in the other shoulder too but I have not lost any range of movement there (yet). The pain radiates along my shoulder blades, into my shoulder socket and down into my biceps, elbows, wrists and hands. It is excrutiating at night. I wake up screaming most nights with the same type of cramps you sometimes get in your leg in at night but right across my shoulder blade. Reaching for anything and getting dressed or washed is a nightmare. I have read somewhere that a frozen shoulder can have similar symptoms to a rotator cuff but that there are some physical differences which show on a medical examination.

The problem is that that my neck is also in spasm and I am not sure whether it is coming from further disc problems or from the pain in my shoulders and arms or a combination of both. I have had a cervical MRI and a neck and shoulder X-ray but am still awaiting the results.

I will let you know the outcome if there happens to be any C5/6 involvement.

Bobbyboo x
Surgery: ACDF C6/7 5th February 2009 with plastic cage & BMP (No collar)