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Re: Relationship OCD ruining my life

How long have you had ROCD and depression? You need to tell yourself that this is just an illness and it does get better, it looks like your just within some vicious circle and you're feeding into it instead of trying to "break the spell" if you will.
You need to tell yourself that these are only thoughts, I do understand the anxiety and the intrusive thoughts and how annoying it all is and how you feel like you will never feel "normal" again, but you have to realize that this is life, you have an illness that you need to work through and everything is just fine...I don't know. I wish I could tell you more, I feel bad that you are going through this and you wish that you can have this girl of your dreams back in your life...
Do you guys still communicate at all? Does she try to get a hold of you? Does she understand what's going on?
You're not evil, and you know how to love, you're just afraid to love.