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Re: Brain fog, sinus & ear pressure, lethargy... for over a decade

Here's what I've done...

My situation is very similar to yours.

I pinpointed my brain fog episodes to sinus pressure. Even when the nose is clear, be aware that there are other sinuses deeper in the skull, between your eyes, for example. When they swell, they can cause not only lethargy, but even nausea!

Even though my doctor insists there is no connection between sinus pressure and brain function, (inflamed membranes squeezing nerves or blood vessels?) I insist that there is.

Changes in air pressure certainly trigger the brain fog. As well as certain foods. (Liquid Smoke, soy, MSG, gluten, milk, hydrolyzed yeast). All because they inflame the sinuses.

I don't know where in California you got relief, but Los Angeles isn't doing it for me. The weather is turbulent here too. The deserts of California are good though, as well as Nevada and Arizona.

Okay. So how to clear the sinuses.

Sinusbuster nasal spray. If it clears your brain fog in 1 second flat, you know you're on the right track. Problem is, you develop a tolerance to it and have to quit using for a few months. Jalepeno jelly beans. Same story.

Epinephrine. Or Sudafed PE.
Problem is, it gives you heart palpitations if you use it too much.

Epinephrine also naturally kicks in when you sleep and your brain detects that there is a fog. This is why you wake up with a racing heart. I also wake up with tingling hands and feet and dry mouth when this happens.

If your body is continually releasing epinephrine to combat the brain fog, you might also get attacks out of the blue where the heart races out of control and you think you will faint. You didn't mention that, but if it does apply, let me know and I'll tell you how I stopped those cold.

Provigil has also changed my life. Find a doctor that will prescribe it to clear your brain fog. It lets you take short naps throughout the day if necessary, when the sinuses are acting up, but then the adrenaline kicks in, and after a 5 minute doze, I'm good as new!

I also tried NeilMed Sinus Rinse, but since it didn't reach the really deep sinuses, it didn't do anything for me. Certainly wouldn't hurt though.

Hope some of this helps.