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Re: Relationship OCD ruining my life

the anxiety starts again when i think about getting back with her, i cant stop crying and thinking about her with him!
i have seen her at a few gigs since we broke up, and we have remained friends, when all i wanted to do was grab her, kiss her and say im sorry, which i know she wont believe
i just wanna hold her right now but these feelings wont go away when there is no need for them to be there, its pure guilt when i dont want to have it, i wanted her to be THE ONE, but the panik attacks, sweats, constant swallowing lumps in my throat and guilt will still be there, and i know if i ever did meet anyone else, they would start all over again, i hate feeling like this, my family are all against me and telling me to grow up, be a man and move on!!!!
im also jealous of anyone that can be happy when i cant be happy with anyone

i am on no meds!
was on ant depressants, but just made me worse and even more emotional
was on fluoxetine and then citalopram
had massive weight gain and could eat all day
currently on st johns wort which is doing NOTHING

dont know if the feelings are ROCD or just because she wasnt right for me, im so confused!!!

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