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Re: pain in shoulder, elbows, wrists- could it be my spine?

Hello and welcome to the board - spine problems have a pretty typical pattern and your internist or family physician should be able to recognize if you might need further investigation. If you feel this pain is bad enough or interfering with your daily activities then you need to go back and talk to the doctor. If after a serious discussion the doctor is still not acknowledging what you are saying and isn't offering further investigation/treatment, then I would find another doctor.

Don't focus on age. There is someone around here who has an elementary school child with these problems. I think it is more a genetic or biological process and accidents, sports, dancing, excess weight, disease, things that cause plain old wear and tear just speed up the process in some individuals. They say a majority of the population has problems with their disks but many do not express any symptoms or pain so it goes unnoticed until old age when in reality they had it all the time.

Good luck - do go back to the doctor!

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